About Us

The National Academy of Plastic Surgeons recognizes dynamic Plastic Surgeons who have achieved and continue to maintain the highest standards of excellence. Our list recognizes the significant achievements of those Plastic Surgeons whose practice elevates the standards of the plastic surgery community as a whole as well as provide a benchmark for other practitioners.  Our goal is to exhibit and promote standards of excellence in the field and of those highly qualified individuals as well as recognize surgeons who likewise also demonstrate these qualities and ideals. ​


It is the mission of the National Academy of Plastic Surgeons is to recognize annually the most qualified and accomplished Plastic Surgeons. Membership in each specific category is by invitation-only after a selection process that examines the Plastic Surgeon’s career achievements, professional experience, peer reputation, patient satisfaction, other notable honors, media notoriety, and community impact.

Membership selection is intended to help prospective new Patients identify the absolute best Plastic Surgeon in their State or area. ​